Back Home in Washington

I just got back from a week-long vacation to Broomfield, Colorado where I spent Thanksgiving with Tyson and his family. We started our vacation with a stop at the National Bison Range, though we didn’t actually see any bison. Still, it was a beautiful ride, and I got a chance to see parts of the country I’d never seen before. We arrived in Broomfield just in time to see Sydney’s school play. We spent Wednesday playing with kid and walking in 50 degrees sunshine we won’t be seeing here for another 6 months.

Thanksgiving day we were joined by Jacquie, Jen’s sister, and her family. We had a delightful day feasting, visiting, and playing Wii games, though grandpa got his butt kicked by even the youngest of the kids (I’ll be practicing more at home in the next few weeks.) It’s hard not to be thankful for the kind of food we had, though I tried hard not to regain all the weight I’ve lost in the last year. (It turns out that I actually maintained my weight, or lost a few pounds, in the week and a half I was gone, despite eating out for three days.) We finished our trip with several walks where I saw birds I don’t often see around here, at least not this time of year.

Although I took some pictures on my trip, I didn’t go near my computer the whole week, though I did check my email on my iPad and play some Scrabble games. Most of my “computer” time was spent watching kids play games on my iPad. As much as I’m addicted to my computer and to Photoshopping pictures, I enjoyed not even looking at the photos I took during our trip. I’ll save that for when I can’t be around kids or grandkids, not to mention days without sunshine. I sometimes think that blogging is what I do when I don’t have a real life because I’d almost always prefer to be out birding or playing with grandkids than to be sitting in front of a computer writing.

Still, in the next few days I’ll be looking at the shots I took and posting them here, unless the sunshine we got today continues. Then I’ll have to reconsider my options, because I’m sure there’s a lot of rain coming up in the next few months and there’s always time to be sitting in front of the computer then.