A “Sunny” Pacific Northwest Day

As I’ve noted before, this has been the wettest September in Northwest history, and that’s saying a lot. I don’t mind birding with a chance of showers, but I’m not into downpours, especially when I’m carrying digital cameras, even if they’re supposed to be “waterproof.” So when sunshine was predicted last Thursday, I went back to Theler Wetlands. It was a little foggy when I left the house, but it was really foggy when I got there.

Luckily, I’m actually fond of walking in the fog. It seems quieter, more meditative.

 foggy river

You also get closer to the birds than usual without frightening them,
though the photographer in me wonders if that’s not because they know they are barely recognizable in this light.

Heron in Fog

The best part of a foggy, Fall morning, though, is seeing all the spider webs

spider web

that must be there the rest of the time but are never seen.

In this light, at this time of year, even the lichen-covered branches take on a new beauty,

lichen-covered branches

though it pales against the Fall leaves when the sun begins to burn off the clouds.

 Fall leaves

With the days getting shorter and shorter, though, I’ll take my sunshine any way I can get it.