Last of the Summer Flowers at Point Defiance Park

I’m still thinking about/working on that Portrait essay, but Fall/Winter is setting in here in the Pacific Northwest as we’ve been slammed by major storms with high winds and some of the heaviest rains I’ve ever seen here. So, I had to take advantage of today’s non-rain to get down to the Point Defiance Rose Garden.

What I saw there confirmed that summer is definitely over,

 dead roses

though there’s a few late roses still to be seen if you look hard enough —

wet rose

and get here very soon.

The dahlias are in slightly better shape. They’ve already cut the flowers off in two of the beds and many of the big flowers are drooping under the weight of the rain, but some, like this yellow beauty.

yellow Dahlia

clearly reveal their sunny heritage.

The rain has obviously been hard on all the flowers,


but for me raindrops can accent their beauty.

The best looking flowers, though, were to be found in the Fuchsia Garden,


perhaps because they were smart enough to bring their umbrellas with them.

If you live in Tacoma and haven’t seen the dahlias yet, better get here very soon, even if you have to bring an umbrella with you.