Mt Rainier’s Sunrise

Leslie and I spent much of last week up on Mount Rainier. On Saturday we took Ted and Leslie’s friend Hao

Hao and Leslie

who’s visiting from Shanghai to Sunrise because it’s undoubtably the most spectacular spot in Western Washington.

We were rewarded with a bright, sunny, surprisingly hot, day on the mountain.

Mount Rainier

The Indian Paintbrush,

Indian Paintbrush



along with many other flowers covered the meadows, even outnumbering the visitors.

Apparently in Hao’s honor we were greeted by local residents, like this Hoary Marmot.

Hoary Marmot

We ended up making the full loop around the mountain, even managing a stop at one of Leslie’s favorite viewpoints, Box Canyon,

 Box Canyon

before ending our day at the Wild Berry Restaurant in Ashford.

Beautiful weather, stunning views, strenuous exercise, great food, and good company. Days don’t get any better than this.

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