Pt Defiance Iris Garden

My recent trip to Theler Wetlands where I didn’t get many good pictures reminded me of a trick I learned from my dad long ago when I went fishing as a child. If at the end of the day we hadn’t caught the number of salmon we wanted to catch, or if one of us (particularly me) hadn’t caught a fish all day, then we headed closer to shore and fished for bottom fish. And in those days, you could ALWAYS catch bottom fish.

I realized that since my favorite shot from this trip to Theler was the wild iris,

Wild Iris

the iris in Pt. Defiance should also be in bloom.

I headed back and checked out the roses in bloom


on my way to visit the iris, but the highlight of the day was the Iris Garden. It’s hard to go wrong with sunshine and a garden full of just-blossomed flowers. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. This multi-blossom stock was certainly impressive,


though I preferred the striking colors of this purple, white , and gold specimen


until I saw this orange-yellow-white variety.


By the end of my visit to Pt Defiance I’d forgotten that the morning’s birding had been so mediocre. Beauty usually has that effect on me.

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