Sometimes It’s the Little Things

I enjoyed my last trip to the Ocean so much that I headed back almost immediately. This time, though, I began at Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area not Westport. Unlike my previous trip, though, this one didn’t begin very auspiciously. In fact I walked nearly four miles before sighting a few gulls and ducks on the wetlands. I was a little disappointed, but as usual it just made me look a little harder because it’s nearly impossible to have that many acres without wildlife of some kind.

Sure enough, before long I heard this Savannah Sparrow

 Savannah Sparrow

claiming his stretch of beach.

Almost back to the car, I noticed what sure looks like a Least Sandpiper,

Least Sandpiper

a bird I seldom see or, at least, one I seldom recognize in a large flock of shorebirds.

The highlight of the morning, though, was the act put on by this Killdeer


who must have had a nest nearby. It led me away from the area by flying in front of me and flashing its brilliantly colored tail.

Killdeer distraction

Of course, if it had simply flown to the side instead of straight in front of me, between me and the car, it wouldn’t have had to display nearly as long. Still, I definitely appreciated the act and I’m sure it thought it had once again saved its small family from disaster.

I returned to my car as happy as if I’d gotten a hundred great shots because for nearly three hours I had been totally immeresed in the refuge and the birds that live there.

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  1. I am continually amazed by the detail you get. I see birds in a whole new light since I have been seeing your pics.

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