Birding Port Orchard

Last Sunday’s trip to Theler Wetlands was pretty forgettable except for this shot of a Yellowlegs,


one of the first I’ve seen this year.

However, the follow-up trip to Port Orchard made the day. I am particularly fond of this shot of a Pelagic Cormorant swallowing it’s catch.

Pelagic Cormorant with Fish

And the Horned Grebes just keep getting more and more spectacular as they don full-breeding colors.

Horned Grebe

So many of the shots jump off the screen that it’s hard to even decide which shots are the best ones.


When they’re this good, though, I don’t suppose it really matters too much which shots you include. So many are in full-breeding colors that I am surprised that they still haven’t paired up and let for their breeding grounds.

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  1. I’m stil trying to figure out how that Cormorant got the whole thing down his gullet, Loren! That’s more of a snake-like quality seems to me…Spectacular shots, thanks for the share!

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