Ridgefield Wilflife Refuge

Sadly, the best day I’ve had in quite a while was last Wednesday’s trek to my dentist in Vancouver. Even though the skies were heavily overcast, I stopped at Ridgefield National Wildlife before my lunch and dental appointment. Although I didn’t see anything notable and the pictures aren’t “great,” I got to see birds that I haven’t seen regularly since they revised Nisqually.

The highlight of the morning would have to be this shot of a Wilson’s Snipe.

Snipe With Gadwall

I was taking pictures of the male Gadwall when this Snipe landed right next to it. This is the first time I’ve ever recognized a Snipe when I first saw it, though I discovered awhile back that I had captured shots of a small flock of Snipes the previous year when I visited Ridgefield. I was surprised at how small Snipes are; I realized I’ve spent much of the last five years looking for a larger bird than it actually is.

I also saw a couple of Yellowlegs, a bird I used to see regularly at Nisqually,


but see rarely at Theler Wetlands.

I also saw a single Great Egret,

Great Egret

a bird seldom seen as far north as Seattle-Tacoma but one I regularly see when I visit California.

It was a nice break after a two and half hour drive on the Freeway, one that got me in the proper mood for lunch with Klaras and Terry.

3 thoughts on “Ridgefield Wilflife Refuge”

  1. While it’s tempting to get blase about seeing Great Egrets here in NorCal, they’re thankfully so striking that it’s easy enough to resist the temptation! Lately, I’ve been seeing one right on the shoulder of an extremely busy Hwy. 101, just picking through the grass, looking for all the world like he’s on his back patio, tending to his potted plants and enjoying a quiet afternoon. The other day, I felt like strolling up and offering him some refreshments, maybe inquiring about his family. The adaptability of bird life—hawks in high rises, egrets taking the sun on Hwy. 101—is a continual source of amazement. Perfectly fine fotos, Loren—don’t be apologizing! 🙂

  2. I love egrets and herons, and I’m not sure why. I do love the middle photo with the ripples in the water. So pretty.

  3. Thank you for the pix of the Gadwall, Snipe and Yellowlegs. I will study them and commit them to memory in the event I see them at a later date. The identification of dabbling ducks confuses me greatly!

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