Dirty Face Lodge

Leslie and I spent a long weekend at Dirty Face Lodge just outside Leavenworth with Lesie’s daughter and family, It was Leslie’s Christmas present from Margaret.

Saturday morning all of us set out snowshoeing at Lake Wenatchee State Park. Since this is the first time I’ve snowshoed in several years I didn’t want to carry all my camera equipment since I wasn’t sure how well I would do. Big mistake. The best photo opportunity of the trip was this shot of Dirty Face Mt across Lake Wenatchee. The light was nearly perfect. Luckily, I was carrying my iPhone.

 Lake Wenatchee

It may have produced the best shot of the trip.

Saturday evening we went on a sleigh ride.


It was a fun trip, but I should have worn heavier snow gear.

I took my wide-angle lens and not my telephoto lens in hope of getting some good snow shots. Leslie and I spent several hours Sunday stopping beside the Wenatchee River trying to capture some of it’s natural beauty.

Highway to Leavenworth

Even HDR photos seemed incapable of capturing the beauty of the snow unless the light is perfect. I knew from experience that it would be difficult to capture the texture of the snow, but I may have underestimated just how hard it really is.

The only way I know to improve, though, is practice. So, here are some more practice shots.

Highway to Leavenworth

I really loved the combination of rushing water and snow but had an even tougher time capturing both because you couldn’t use HDR because of the need tot “freeze” the water.

 Wenatchee River

Still, this was my favorite Sunday shot. I do love visiting the snow in the mountains. I only wish it had been warmer when we got home.

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