Scenic Views In and Around Yellowstone

Except for the Geysers, I don’t think the scenery is nearly as impressive going from the West Entrance to Grand Teton as it is from the Northeast Entrance to The Grand Tetons. However, the Yellowstone River is beautiful and the road follows it much of the time.


There are also a number of pullouts where you can stop and see spectacular places like this one for the Kepler Cascades.

Kepler Cascades

In my mind, though, some of the prettiest scenery was actually outside the park heading east on Togwotee Pass, though I suspect it might actually have looked back on parts of Yellowstone.


I ended up driving much of the way to Laramie in the dark, but I did enjoy scenery like this along the Wind River.

Red Cliffs

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    1. Strangely enough, I think that is about the same time I made my first visit, Harry. Needless to say, the memories and the reality are quite different.

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