Yellowstone Patterns and Textures

I don’t remember even noticing the various geyserite patterns at Yellowstone on my first visit there many years ago, but this visit I spent more time trying to capture some of the amazing patterns I saw than I did taking pictures of the geysers erupting, though none of the shots quite captured the beauty I saw in my head.

Still, I could easily see using some of these shots for screen savers or textures when I get home. I’m particularly fond of the browns and greys, like this one,

and this one,

but this bright orange one reminded me of petroglyphs, and I like petroglyphs a lot.

It almost felt like an alien life-form was trying to communicate with us, probably “Keep off the patterns, stupid!” Despite innumerable signs, you could still see footprints on the areas surrounding the geysers.

This wasn’t caused by archaea like the above patterns, but it also struck me as forming an unusual pattern,

as did grey, black, and yellow lichen growing on nearby rocks.

6 thoughts on “Yellowstone Patterns and Textures”

  1. These patterns are interesting to me as a textile artist Loren – they are so unfamiliar, apart from the lichen. We get lichen here a lot and it inspires me, not least because it grows in areas where there is little industrial pollution. These photos, added to your previous ones of the geysers erupting, make me want to visit even more.

    1. There are several that I actually preferred but couldn’t manage to capture as well in photographs.

      The place definitely deserves a four of five day trip. The three days I’ve spent there this year have barely given me a chance to glance what’s there.

  2. I have never been to Yellowstone, but have to wonder why that is its name when I have yet to see photos of any yellow stone — not just your photos, but anyone’s.

    Gorgeous as always, Loren. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, it was pretty much an afterthought, but I loved the bright orange lichen contrasted with the various grays.

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