Loren Gets Sentimental

Undoubtedly, my favorite sequence of shots during my last Malheur visit were those of this Western Grebe. She first attracted my attention because of her ruffled tail feathers. I also noticed that she didn’t dive when I pointed a camera at her unlike most of her companions.

Western Grebe

I didn’t have to watch her too long before I discovered why. All my questions were answered as soon as I saw the small head pop up.

Western Grebe with Chick

Needless to say, she became a focal point. It didn’t take too long before I realized she had not one but two chicks.

Western Grebe with Chicks

Later, when she caught a small fish, the chicks became quite vocal.

Western Grebe with Chicks

I’m still not sure if the one chick ate the entire fish are if it actually ended up being shared. Either way, both of the chicks appeared quite healthy.

Western Grebe with Chicks

Although I was delighted last year when I got shots of larger chicks crawling up on their mom’s back, I liked these shots even more. I’m going to have a hard time topping these.

8 thoughts on “Loren Gets Sentimental”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful pictures, Loren. There’s just nothing cuter than a baby duck.

  2. She is an exquisite bird Loren – and I can’t help feeling she knows it, particularly as she carries her young on her back.

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