Pelicans, Up Close and Personal

As much as I enjoyed watching pelican flight formations, my favorite shots from Friday’s shoot were close-ups of individual Pelicans as they flew by. I got some nice shots in the morning as they flew back from their fishing ground to a resting area, but the sun was often behind them, making exposure a constant battle, particularly in dark areas.

Despite that they don’t appear to be in full breeding colors yet, these are some of the best shots I’ve managed to get of Brown Pelicans. I must admit I’m fascinated by the feather pattern under the wings,

Brown Pelican in Flight

even though this shot taken from slightly above best shows why they’re called Brown Pelicans.

Brown Pelican in Flight

Despite their dinosaur-like appearance, they are amazingly agile fliers, as show by this one hovering in strong winds.

Brown Pelican in Flight

I was appalled by how many shots I had taken of Pelicans throughout the day, but in the end I think this was my favorite shot, though I have no idea why.

Brown Pelican in Flight

2 thoughts on “Pelicans, Up Close and Personal”

  1. Stunning photos! I see Brown Pelicans often, almost every time I go paddling along the coast. However, they’re usually at some distance. These photos are so crisp and detailed—they show patterns in their feathers I did not know they had. Impressive work, Loren. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Dan.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen them as close as I do at Westport.

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