Leslie’s Photographs

One thing I have learned while birding is that it’s helpful to have as many eyes as possible looking for birds. I have also learned that birds often appear on both sides of the car while driving through wildlife refuges, and more often than not I missed any shot that appears on the right side of the car when I’m driving.

Knowing that, I set Leslie up with my backup camera and a 400 mm lens when we toured the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. And sure enough, she got several great shots. I was almost jealous when she spotted this Snowy Egret down a ravine on her side of the car.

Snowy Egret

She actually got shots of this Great Blue Heron both days we were there, but I thought this was the best shot.

Great Blue Heron

She probably tried the hardest to get a shot of the elusive pheasants, this being the best of several that she shot.


I have no doubt, though, that this shot of a White-Faced Ibis was her best shot, and one of the best shots we got during the entire trip


White-Faced Ibis

Good thing she doesn’t have access to my main birding camera and lens or I might have trouble keeping up.

5 thoughts on “Leslie’s Photographs”

  1. Thanks for all the support! And thanks, Loren, for making my shots look so great and for not mentioning all the potential great shots I missed because I couldn’t get the camera up and focused in time!

    1. I’m hurt, Mike. I posted a shot of an ibis at Malheur some time last year. Probably not that good of a shot, but light is all and sometimes it just doesn’t favor you.

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