Can’t Forget Port Orchard

Regular readers know I always follow-up a trip to Belfair with a stop at Port Orchard and last week’s trip was no different. I continued seeing lots of hooded mergansers,

Hooded Merganser

though this picture is actually made up of three shots of the same bird. I’m so used to identifying birds by their profile that I’m sometimes surprised when I see them from a different angle. For instance this is the first time I’ve noticed the way the stripes run down the back of the merganser, and I’m always surprised by how thin their head is compared to its length. Do you suppose that’s an adaptation to help it dive?

I regularly see Surf Scoters at the Port Orchard Marina, so often that I tend not to see them at all even though I was originally fascinated by the colorful beak of the males.

Surf Scoter

Generally though I don’t see White-Winged Scoters. In fact, I only have a few shots taken at a considerable distance. They seem much more common in the Western part of Port Orchard.

male White-Winged Scoter

I think I could’ve gotten even more spectacular shots if I’d walked further down the pier, but I stopped when I got half way down the runway and saw this great blue Heron standing on the dock.

Heron on Dock

Taking pictures of birds often disrupts their routines, but I still try to do my best to avoid spooking them, particularly in winter when there’s little energy to waste.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Forget Port Orchard”

  1. We are in Port Orchard, staying aboard my brother’s boat, there is a crane like a bird that the locals lovingly call “Gus” he hunts and stocks fish right from the gangway. And everyone cut him a wide berth. He lives aboard vacant vessels when people are gone. He’s truly a beautiful bird. I wish I could upload a photo. I was great fascination watch him as he Spears fish with his long neck and he sometimes gets on the access to our boat so we turn around and allow him to hunt. Without disturbing him. Because he is a grand creature and we all truly enjoy him.

    1. If it’s not a Great Blue Heron like the one shown above my next guess would have to be a Cormorant, because they live here year round.

      I will have to stop and see if I can photograph it in the next week or so if it’s a regular even now.

      1. He is exactly like the bird in the picture above, thank you for clarifying as to what species he is. We were not sure. Thank you and best wishes!

      2. PS please do so. He’s here all the time and he is truly fascinating. You can get close enough to watch him hunt in Spearfish! Thank you he would make an awesome addition to your page..

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