And a Sunny Afternoon

I loved my solitary Theler walk in the morning fog. As cold as it was, and my fingers quickly confirmed it was freezing, just I and the animals were about, a special treat.

Still, it warmed my heart, and fingers, when the sun finally began to burn the fog away, opening up a whole new palette of colors:

Common Mergansers

Although you can almost always count on a duck or a cormorant perching on this log, it takes bright sunlight to provide enough light to get an interesting shot.

On the way back I could finally see across the creek where most of the birds flock to avoid people. It was even bright enough to use a fast enough shutter speed to freeze motion and catch this Great Blue Heron just as it landed.

Great Blue Heron Landing

Even the Spotted Towhee emerged from the underbrush to warm himself, unable to resist the sun anymore than I.

Spotted Towhee

It’s hard to imagine better lighting for a Golden-Crowned Sparrow,

Gold-Crowned Sparrow

glowing in the winter sun.

The foggy morning and the sunny afternoon made for a perfect day, yin and yang.