Cactus Wren

I seldom can pick a single shot that is my “favorite”. Heck, I find it difficult just to decide which shots to keep and which to trash.

That said, this shot of a Cactus Wren that I took at a rest stop just as I was about to leave Arizona would have to be one of my favorites from this trip:

Cactus Wren

Part of what made it so special is that I didn’t have to do a thing to get it. The little guy just flew up as I pulled in and posed for me for nearly 10 minutes as I took shots.

Even the red trashcan in the background, fit in well with the late evening sun that gives him a reddish cast.

All in all, I considered a blessing that I was so tired at 4:30 in the afternoon that I needed to stop and take a nap.

It was also at this rest stop that I bought the only memento of this trip, this Navajo pot.

Navajo Pot

Normally, I wouldn’t even consider buying something at a rest stop, but these were clearly two local Navajo Indians, it was the end of the day, and I really like their artwork.

Unfortunately, I had nearly run out of cash after nine days on the road so I didn’t have the $45 they were asking. I considered it a great buy at $45, but since I had no idea if I’d every get back they told me they would accept $40 for it, leaving me with three dollars for dinner.

Talk about starving for art.