Gee It’s Good to Be Back Home

Going on vacation can remind you just how special home is. I loved my trip to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California, but I also came home with a new appreciation for the Pacific Northwest.

I was reminded just how much I love it here by Friday’s trip to Belfair. Even the ever-present Song Sparrow’s

Song Sparrow

song seemed refreshingly new.

A Northern Pintail is just as beautiful at Belfair as in Sacramento.

male Northern Pintail

The common House Finch may not compare to the flashier Pyrrhuloxia, but red feathers still shine against a gray sky.

House Finch

A seldom seen Fox Sparrow is nearly as welcome as a never-seen Cactus Wren.

Fox Sparrow

The flashing Cooper’s Hawk still thrills the heart

Cooper's Hawk

and who could ignore Red-tailed Hawks circling over head

Red-Tailed Hawks circle overhead

rising ever and ever higher?

Nothing better than making new friends unless it’s meeting old ones.

5 thoughts on “Gee It’s Good to Be Back Home”

  1. You covered a lot of territory on that trip. I enjoyed seeing the family photos and the birds and animals and sights in the mountain and desert light. For many years, the Pacific Northwest didn’t feel like home to me, but looking at your photos of the familiar birds in the light of Western Washington I realize that I am fully acclimated and at home here now to the extent that I even like the short days with the sun low in the sky and the long nights of fall and winter!

    1. Actually I still have more shots from the trip, but right at the moment I’m more interested in taking advantage of the occasional sunny day than I am working on photos on my computer inside.

      I’m sure there’s plenty of rainy days when I’ll be more than happy to stay inside working on my computer.

  2. The Coopers Hawk in Old Town has me rethinking feeders; it’s like he appreciates the hors d’oeuvre tray I prepare for him. Great photos, the first one has me falling in love with shades of brown. kjm

  3. I was fortunate to hear a long,trilling song coming from a branch of the apple tree.There perched a male house sparrow facing me, a bright orange color.First time I’ve seen one here in Renton.

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