Boulder Foothills

The posting has been slow around here because I’ve been in Colorado most of the week visiting grandkids.

I did manage to get some scenic pictures on the way over, but I have to wait till I get back to Photoshop to join them together and improve the exposure.

Thursday we went on a hike right outside of Boulder Colorado. It was only a three-mile hike, but at this altitude and having been here only a few days it certainly seemed strenuous enough to me.

I took this picture of a of an old fire engine a little ways out of Boulder.

Antique Fire Engine

We began our hike with this fabulous view of Boulder.

Looking Down on Boulder

Tyson and Jen just got a new puppy, so it was easy to think of our group as a small pack:

Tyson and family

I actually did better than I was afraid I might, but it wasn’t unusual for Tyson or Logan to be way in front:

On the Trail

Unfortunately, we didn’t see many birds or wildlife, so I had to settle for pictures of Colorado’s unusual clouds:

Colorado Sky

I suspect blogging will be sporadic for the next week or so until I can get home and get to my computer.

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