Rialto Beach

The day after we visited the Hoh River, Leslie suggested we should visit Rialto Beach, and, though I was ambivalent because I wanted to visit Neah Bay, the farthest NW point in the United States, that’s how we started our day.

I’m certainly glad we did because two of my favorite shots came from this side-trip. Here’s one of them, a shot of the Indian village of La Push,

Village of La Push

reduced to about 1/6th of its real size to fit your computer screen because it’s actually six different shots joined together.

I loved the driftwood on this beach. The combination of old-growth forests and powerful waves created magnificent sculptures:


I’m not sure if this is really a Winter Wren,


but I like to imagine it is since I’d been on the lookout for one since seeing one in the display at the Hoh Ranger Station.

This picture,


like the one at the top of this entry, is really much, much wider than this, but I prefer a small section of it to the full shot reduced to the above dimensions. I was upset that the fog was so thick while I was there, but it turns out this is my favorite shot of the trip.

I also realized as we walked the beach that this is probably the first beach I ever hiked with my former wife and kids some 30 years ago. Seeing the powerful waves helped me to understand why Dawn refused to wade around the point with a pack on.

4 thoughts on “Rialto Beach”

  1. It’s been around 30 years since I’ve been at Rialto Beach, too. Your two favorite photos bring me back there in the present. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Loren,
    Nice shot of the Wren. I think it is what used to be called a Winter Wren, but just recently Winter Wren’s in North America were split into two species, and what we have is called a Pacific Wren.

    1. Thanks, John. I guess I’ll have to tell the Ranger Station that they need to update their display.

  3. This piece of driftwood seems to echo the idea of a whale bone. Great photos. thanks, kjm

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