My Final Day at Malheur

My trip to Malheur ended on a high note. As I was about to leave, a Ranger told me that some of the best shorebird viewing this year was at the north end of the refuge because the high water. So, I decided to visit that area on my way home.

As I was driving there, I spotted this Great Egret, closer to the road than any I’d seen so far:

Great Egret

The real surprise, though, came as I slowed down and started to get out of the car to get a better picture. As I checked the road for oncoming cars, I saw this Badger standing on the edge of the road:


I’ve never seen a badger in the wild before, and I thought seriously about trying to get even closer to get a better shot, but a glance at those long front nails convinced me that might not be a great idea, even though this guy seemed awfully mellow.

Birding was great on the north end of the refuge, good enough I thought briefly about staying another night. I managed to get closer to the White Pelicans,

White Pelicans on Shoreline

got the best shot of the trip of a White-faced Ibis,

White Front Ibis, non-breeding colors

and spotted a personal favorite, a Black-Necked Stilt,

Black-Necked Stilt

a bird I haven’t seen in over a year.

7 thoughts on “My Final Day at Malheur”

  1. What I also like, Loren, is the reflections in the water. This is particularly true of the egret. We do get Little egrets here in the UK now, but not the great ones.

  2. Malheur has quickly become one of my favorite places to go, and that’s without ever seeing a badger before.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who likes reflections, pat. To me the setting and the ideal light is almost, though not quite, as important as the subject itself. They are all part of the “place” and why I love it.

  3. Just think, Loren — Welsh Terriers (like my Archie) were bred to go after badgers in their burrows, and haul them out into the open. Sounds impossible to me….

    1. That’s probably why this is the first I’ve ever seen in 69 years of hiking and camping in the wilderness.

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