A Short Break from Birding

This is a powerful video that deserves attention:

No wonder the Republicans didn’t want to confirm Elizabeth Warren and forced her to take her fight to Massachusetts’ Senate race.

The bigger question, for me, at least, is why President Obama wasn’t willing to fight for her confirmation, as Barney Frank urged.

3 thoughts on “A Short Break from Birding”

  1. While your pictures continue to make the world a better place, this post may be the most uplifting for me. Elizabeth Warren has been my answer in refusing to give money to every National Democratic Fundraiser. I guess sending it to Bernie Sanders makes me feel better. Where is the outrage in this country. Thanks, Loren. Some faith restored. KJM

    1. I, too, have refused to give to the DNC after the results we got when we had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate.

      Nor am I contributing to the Obama administration.

      I’m saving my money for people like our own senators and true liberals/ progressives like Elizabeth Warren.

  2. Same here. I never have liked the DNC, although Debbie sent them some money. But that stopped when Obama nixed the clean air regulations a few weeks back (a big issue around here). She told the poor clown who called from the DNC asking for cash, “Why should we support him when he won’t support us?”

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