Everywhere Is Up

From the moment you arrive at the Sunrise parking lot, you find yourself looking up at the mountain.

Rainier from Sunrise Parking Lot

The further you climb, the larger the mountain looms as you begin to realize it consists of enormous ridge lines

Rainier Ridge

that dwarf any ridge lines

Ridge Line

you’ve already surmounted.

Arriving at the peak of the day’s hike, incredibly the mountain looms even higher than it did before you started your climb,

The Peak

and you’re left looking up.

4 thoughts on “Everywhere Is Up”

  1. Beautiful Loren. This happens even in our very low hills – you think you are reaching the top and then another ridge looms. But I am afraid they do not have that beauty which is there in your photographs.

    1. Nah, it’s not a hike, just a strenuous walk that’s not even too strenuous if you pace yourself. Everything but the last shot is just a short walk from the parking lot.

  2. I thought I’d just climbed a mountain (Helvellyn in the Lake District). I think, looking at this, that perhaps it was just a hill, or even a hillock.

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