A Visit to Magnuson Park

When I read an article in the Seattle Times saying that Magnuson Park was one of the best places to find dragonflies, I immediately knew that I would have to go there on a warm summer day. As it turned out, Saturday was that day.

I like shooting dragonflies because it’s challenging, and this Saturday proved no different than usual. Dragonflies seldom stay in one spot, and their flight is unpredictable. They’re so small that the camera, more often than not, will choose to autofocus on anything but the dragonfly, particularly when it’s in flight.

I didn’t manage to get a single shot of a dragonfly in flight, but I did see a lot of them and I did manage to get some shots of them sitting on bent-over reeds,


on leaves,


and on logs.


There were several bonuses on the trail, too, like this wild flower, with delicate stamen,

Purple Wildflower

and hardy daisies, rising above the tall grasses.

Wild Daisies

And though there didn’t appear to be any of the migrating birds the plaque said the ponds supported, there were lots of pairs of goldfinches

female American Goldfinch

that seemed to claim this as home.

male American Goldfinch

It was a beautiful day capped by a visit to a visit to a favorite Greek restaurant in the UW District and a stop at the UW Bookstore for nearly a $100 in local poetry books.

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