Spinning Wheels

It’s been a rather frustrating day here in Websterland. There is a plug-in for WordPress called WordPress Fancy Zoom that will allow readers to click on a “thumbnail” photo and open up a larger picture, precisely what I was trying to do with my landscape pictures.

When you read the directions it sounds like it ought to be quite simple to set this up. So simple that I spent over 8 hours trying to do it today with absolutely no luck, and very little idea what the problem is.

I’m beginning to wonder if the fact that I link to images outside the WordPress set up is what’s keeping the plug in from working properly. Unfortunately, I’ve have no luck trying to move images inside the WordPress folder. When I tried to upload them directly through WordPress it said that it couldn’t write to the server — suggesting that permissions are wrong. And that wouldn’t be surprising since I’ve had the problem before.

Anyway, I’m back to where I was this morning, though considerably more frustrated than I was at the beginning of the day. Hopefully if a reader of this blog has used this plug in they could offer me some suggestions. What I’d like to see is the HTML code that’s used to activate the zoom function. Until I get that right, I doubt I’ll be able to figure out if the plugin was installed correctly.

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