Great Egret

I didn’t go to Malheur expecting to see Great Egrets as I did for Black-Necked Stints, Pelicans, or Ibis, but I wasn’t surprised to see them, either. Although we don’t get many this far north, I do see them quite often in late summer and they’re fairly common in Ridgefield. They’re rare enough, though, that I haven’t compartmentalized them yet.

In other words, I don’t know them well enough to know what a “typical” pose is, which, in some ways, is a good thing, just as seeing anything with “fresh eyes” can be a good thing. I originally favored this pose, perhaps because it reminds me of the hunting pose of a Great Blue Heron.

Great Egret Poised

Leslie liked this pose because it reminded her of images of Brontosaurus feeding,

Great Egret with Outstretched Neck

and I certainly concur that there is something timeless in this bird.

Of course, the beautiful feathers remind me of a fan dancer, slowly revealing their beauty so I enjoy watching egrets preen.

Great Egret Preening

But my favorite shot is still of an Egret taking off, the moment when you can best see those magnificent wings fully spread.

Great Egret Taking Off

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  1. Aren’t you from Texas, Thomas, or is that merely another faulty assumption on my part?

    If so, I would have thought Egrets would be plentiful there.

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