Slow Birding

Wednesday morning I went back to Nisqually since I haven’t been there in awhile. They’re still working on the boardwalk, and I guess they will be until October or so before it’s completed. So birding is definitely limited and there really weren’t many opportunities for photographs. All I managed to get was this shot of a Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow

and this Kestrel that was quite far off and still flew away once I pointed the telephoto lens at it.


Luckily, Waughop Lake was a little better. There was a considerable number of young Wood Ducks, like this juvenile male.

juvenile male Wood Duckl

Unfortunately, I had my lens set on automatic so I could get shots of the birds in the shaded brush beside the trail and missed what would have been the best shot of the month, when this Osprey suddenly swooped down literally right in front of me.


Although this shot turned out okay, the best shots , when he was even closer, were too blurry to use. It was swooping away with his prey before I finally got another shot in focus.

Osprey Flying Away with Fish

I’ll have to admit I could get addicted to highs I felt as the Osprey slammed into the water right in front of me, photographs or no photographs.

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