Roses Reign

There’s no doubt that the roses were reigning at Point Defiance Wednesday, and half of Tacoma seemed to be paying homage. The recent sunshine has produced a profusion of roses, most of them in pristine condition thanks to the considerable number of park workers attending them.

It’s impossible to show them all, but I thought this yellow one did an excellent job of reflecting the sun,

Yellow-pink rose

though it’s hard to trump the sheer luminosity of this orange rose.

Yellow-orange Rose

With the iris gone and the dahlias still to bloom there’s no doubt that the roses are the biggest draw, but there were still lots of annuals in the surrounding beds.

I never know the names of the annuals that line the gate and separate the rose garden from the fuchsia garden, but this white one certainly reminded me of the dahlias:

White flower

The fuchsia garden is nearly in full bloom, too, and it has the added attraction of hummingbirds, if there aren’t too many people in the garden.


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