Birds and More Birds

If you’re into over-the-top parents

Canada Geese with Goslings

or cute kids,

cold duckling

this might be the right time to get out birding.

Goslings and ducklings are everywhere, though ducks seem to be outnumbered by songbirds who are at the height of their northern migration. The woods surrounding Lake Waughop were alive with small birds eager to be heard like this Song Sparrow,

Song Sparrow

birds willing to be heard but not seen like this Wilson’s Warbler,

Wilson's Warbler

and, thankfully, even birds willing to pose for the camera like this Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

I think I love Spring even more since I took up birding.

3 thoughts on “Birds and More Birds”

  1. There’s just nothing cuter than a baby duck.
    (Unless it’s a baby pig.)

  2. Adorable babies. And I can hear that Song Sparrow singing!

    I’m envious of the warbler sightings. We’re heading up to our cabin this weekend so am hoping to see/hear some good birds.

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