Home Again, Home Again

I hate to admit it, but the favorite part of my Malheur trip may well have been the trip home, especially strange since I usually dread long drives, viewing them, at best, as a necessary evil to be endured for the sake of a new experience on the other end of the drive.

Perhaps it was so delightful because I finally got some of the sunshine I went East seeking, even if it was only through the windshield

Looking at Sky through my windshield

I didn’t appreciate sleeping overnight in a freezing car, but I did enjoy the drive the next morning through the snow, especially since the snow plow had preceded me. Here’s the view from the high point on the trip, not enough snow to be serious, but certainly enough to transform a meadow:

Snow Dusted Meadow

Heck, I even enjoyed the drive down off the plateau through rocky pine forests, a nice contrast to the Douglas Fir forests I walk through everyday and drive through regularly.

Pine Forest and Mountains

But my favorite part of the drive was the part across the Klickitat plateau, driving directly West from Goldendale rather than dropping down to the Columbia River as I usually do. Adams dominated the skyline the same way Rainier does here in Tacoma in the summer

Adams From Goldendale

but was particularly spectacular from Trout Lake, just southwest of the mountain.

Mt Adams from the South

Of course, this particular photo is much more spectacular when blown up to fit my entire Cinema display. It’s a photomontage of eight different shots because I was so close to the mountain that I couldn’t manage to get it in a single shot with any of the lenses I was carrying. I suspect if I had a large enough printer it could be printed large enough to cover the wall of my computer room.

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  1. My new/old job continues to take 34+ hours a week of my time. It is a joy to visit here and catch up with your photos and writing.

    Does my heart good to see the photos from your trip, Ruddy Ducks (!), birds in flight, exquisite flowers.

    Thanks so much, loren (-:

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