Another Sunny Day

Mike took a vacation day Friday, and he and I went birding on Vashon Island, a place I’ve never birded before even though it’s relatively close, a ferry ride away, to be exact. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Late Spring sunny and warm.

We started out by driving to Lisabeula. There were several birds out in the harbor, but gulls seemed to dominate the landscape. I did manage to spot a pair of Killdeer and get this shot,.


the first time I’ve ever managed to get a picture displaying its orange tail. It’s also the first Killdeer I’ve seen this year.

Looking around, I told Mike that we should see Bald Eagles here, and almost on cue one entered, entrance right:


Even though it didn’t lead to a great photo, it was still a magical moment.

Later we drove to Robinson Point, on the other side of the island. Unfortunately, a lady throwing a stick into the ocean for her barking dog seemed to have driven all the birds so far offshore that it was impossible to do much more than identify them.

Luckily, the bright sunshine made it possible to catch a few of the birds in flight, something that’s been difficult, if not impossible, the last few days. I liked this shot of a male Bufflehead flying by:

male Bufflehead in Flight

Generally I’m not too fond of gull shots, but backlit on a sunny day, even a gull can appear angelic:


As I commented to a fellow walker, you’d have to be a pretty miserable person not to have a great time on a sunny, warm day in the middle of February.

Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed the day, even the long wait at the ferry dock on the way back home.

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