Is It Really Spring Already?

During yesterday’s hour long sun-break, I decided to run down to Pt. Defiance Rose Garden to see if the daffodils had started to bloom there since they are fairly close to blooming in my backyard, which is quite shaded.

There weren’t any, but the croci were everywhere, though I thought this bunch best reflected the moment.

Yellow Croci

I was shocked, though, to discover that the Rhododendrons that surround the Rose Garden were in full bloom,

Pink Rhododendron

months earlier than I’ve ever seen them bloom before. I looked back and found that March 24th was the earliest I ever gotten rhododendron pictures, and some years I haven’t gotten any until until mid-May. I guess they must be heat-sensitive, not light-sensitive, because although we had the hottest January in recorded history, we haven’t had much sunshine because of the constant clouds.

male Eurasian Widgeon

As an added treat, I spotted this Eurasian Widgeon among the Mallards and Widgeons floating on the pong.

4 thoughts on “Is It Really Spring Already?”

  1. Ah yes, those typing errors sometimes slip by even with spell-checker enabled, steven.

    Guess I’ll leave it now.

  2. These three photos say it all about these early signs of spring. I meant to say earlier that I loved your photo of the skunk cabbage.

    Here in Bellingham, the rhododendrons at Big Rock Garden are usually not at their height until Mother’s Day. I’ll have to take a walk up there to see what is blooming.

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