Sunday Walk

Today’s walk at Belfair is mostly notable because it’s the first “long” walk I’ve taken since my back went out just before Christmas. I went knowing that I would probably limp my way back in, and I did, even after taking several short breaks in an attempt to loosen up the muscles in my leg. Still, I walked three miles and stood talking and taking pictures for quite awhile, and several hours later I feel none the worse for wear.

While it was overcast, it’s the first day in a week where we managed to go a whole day without rain. There wasn’t even a lot of birds because it’s nearing the end of duck hunting season and there were more hunters than usual. Didn’t matter. I enjoyed the pictures I did get, even if I go back over them later in the year and delete all of them because they’re not as good as previous pictures.

Still, it was delightful to be greeted at the beginning of our walk by this feisty Song Sparrow.

Song Sparrow

It was delightful to get this close to a Great Blue Heron even if it refused to acknowledge our presence by looking at us.

Great Blue Heron

Though, I seldom take pictures of American Robins anymore, I was even delighted by this shot of one eating holly berries.

Robin With Berry

We capped the walk with a delightful lunch at Amy’s On the Bay in Port Orchard.

Unfortunately, the five-day forecast here calls for constant rain, but the next time we get some sunshine I should be ready for an even more strenuous outing.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Walk”

  1. loren i am absolutely delighted that you were able to get out on a walk!! hurray!! i really like the american robin shot. i ordered christmas cards from an artist in england of an english robin in much the same pose eating the same food. steven

  2. Wonderful to hear that you are out and about in the wetlands again, greeted by old friends including that evocative Song Sparrow.

  3. love to hear you are up and out. love also the song sparrow and the cattail. kjm

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