A Fall Day at Belfair

In retrospect, it’s obvious that I squandered the only sunny day of the week yesterday when I watched the Huskies-Ducks football game. Of course, if the Huskies had won instead of being manhandled by the Ducks, I would have very different thoughts. Today was supposed to have sunshine gradually turning to rain, which is predicted to last the rest of the week. As it turned out, though, it was foggy and drizzling when we left for Belfair around 8:30.

As I’ve noted before, though, sometimes fog can work to your benefit since you can actually get closer to birds without spooking them, as we did to this Great Blue Heron that was perched on one of the bird boxes on the pond.

Heron On Birdhouse

Of course, the fog made it impossible to get shots of anything that was more than a few yards away. If you’re lucky, sometimes it actually seems to add to the shot, as in this shot of a seagull flying up the creek with trees in the background.

Gull in Fog

On the other hand, you have to depend upon closeups of the fall foliage

Fall Leaf

and birds like this Spotted Towhee

Towhee In Leaves

to provide color for your photos, that and a little Aperture and Photoshop magic to draw out what colors are there.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you either learn to appreciate the clouds and diffused sunlight or you leave. We’re heading into several months where clouds will dominate the sky.