Pt Defiance Garden

It was cool and cloudy this morning, but turned sunny and pleasantly warm around 1:00 PM, so I decided to go down to the Pt Defiance Garden to see what had changed since I was last there two weeks ago. Remarkably, very little had changed.

The roses were still going strong, looking in remarkably good shape considering the recent rain. New buds seemed to indicate this beauty is not ready to fade yet:

Pink Rose

Some of the earlier varieties of dahlias continue to flourish,

Purple and Yelllow Dahlia

and some of the flashier, late-season varieties are blooming now, too, like pink and yellow variety,

Pink Dahlia

or this even larger yellow dahlia.

Yellow Dahlia

It’s a great place to be, which is probably why there were so many people there taking in the sunshine and flowers.

3 thoughts on “Pt Defiance Garden”

  1. I’ll have to bookmark these flowers and the hummingbirds to look at again on a cold grey wintry day! Especially the pink rose and the last hummingbird photo.

  2. It’s too bad that all of these beautiful things have to occur so closely together, isn’t it, am.

    Lucky for me wild ducks seem to congregate here in the winter.

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