Can a Mallard be White?

Although it never really got sunny today, it was bright enough that I wasn’t going to sit around the house all day, or even mow the lawn, for that matter. No, I headed out for Lake Waughop in Steilacoom to get in some walking if nothing else.

And it’s a good thing I didn’t have high expectations because there weren’t too many photographic opportunities. The highlight of the day was probably observing this white mallard and trying to decide if she was or was not a mallard. Though her size and her shape suggest she is a mallard, her color and even the color of her beak suggest otherwise. I wonder if she had somehow adopted these ducklings, but they certainly didn’t give any signs of that. Until proven otherwise, and the internet seems remarkably undecided about this, I’m going to assume that she was a mallard and not a domestic duck that had escaped.

White Mallard? which ducklings

There were very few other birds present today, and the ones that were there seemed more concerned with protecting and feeding young than posing for a picture.

So I had to content myself with taking pictures of the brilliant purple flowers springing up everywhere,

Sweet Peas?

and trying to get pictures of dragonflies who seemed far too busy to pose.


I had even less success getting pictures of the few Swallowtails I saw, but I’m assuming that will change shortly.