San Juan Island Trip

I got up at 5:20 Monday morning to drive my daughter to San Juan island to pick up a used two-person kayak. It was a long drive and we didn’t have time to do much but pick up the boat and turn around and come back, but I couldn’t imagine driving that far to that neat of place without taking my camera.

Sure enough, we’d barely gotten on to the ferry and I noticed several Pelagic Cormorants, in full breeding colors, standing on the ferry terminal,

Pelagic Cormorant in breeding colors

and before long it became clear that they were building nests in the supports.

Pelagic Cormorant with Nesting Materials

Unfortunately, it was so dark that I couldn’t manage to clear shot of cormorants flying back to their nests carrying fish. I had to be satisfied with the best shots I’ve ever gotten of this birds.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get nearly as good of shots of this Rhino Auklet, the first one I’ve ever seen, because it was so far away and dove as soon as the ferry got even close.

Rhino Auklet in the distance

I couldn’t help, along with most the passengers with cameras, of this Australian yacht anchored in San Juan harbor. It’s nice to know that the economic downturn apparently hasn’t hit everyone.

huge yachat

Still, the owner I really envied was the one driving this small craft.

Small Craft

I’ve started seeing more and more of these boats lately and wondering if they might not be the perfect boat to meet my needs.