Belfair-Thuya Trip

Our record-breaking heats disappeared yesterday as we headed out for new adventures in the Belfair-Tahuya area. In fact, it was downright cool and cloudy most of the day, probably appropriate for a day that featured both summer and spring flowers.

We started the day looking for quail in clear cuts, but yours truly got distracted by the flowers, daisies, the first I’ve seen this year.


foxglove which looks even more beautiful in a clearcut than it does in our front yard,


and wild roses.

Wild Rose

Ruth was upset I’d wandered off and missed the quail, but I was too enchanted by the flowers to be upset by a missed birding opportunity.

The highlight of the day, however, was the native pink rhododendrons
that absolutely dominated the landscape around Wood Lake.

Native Rhododendron

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