Santa Monica Recreation Area

I’ve probably spent more time in the Santa Monica Recreation Area above Tyson’s home in Thousand Oaks than anywhere else here in Southern California, though I haven’t taken as many pictures there as in the other areas we’ve visited.

You know instantly that this isn’t the Pacific Northwest, no more so than the fact that the dominant bird here appears to be the Mockngbird, which is everywhere:

Northern Mockingbird

Though animal droppings suggest that various wild animals wander the area, the only mammal I’ve seen so far is this rabbit that I spotted Easter Sunday morning:


There appears to be less flowers than I’d expect to find in the Pacific Northwest, but there is a considerable variety, and in this dry, shrub-covered area even the humble Morning Glory takes on a special beauty:

Morning Glory

Surprisingly, I saw remarkably few California Poppies in the wild, though they can be found in many yards:


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  1. Seeing your photos of flowers and wildlife and California light is the next best thing to being there. There’s sunshine here, too, this early morning. Thanks so much, loren.

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