Northern Pintail

I finally appear to be on the mend from whatever ailment struck me on the sunniest days of the year now that the clouds have reappeared. I actually got up on time today and have already taken Skye for his morning walk. With the exception of a few moments when I was bent over trying to catch my breath, the walk went well.

I promised to help a friend put her photos on her web site today, but I’ve already gathered all the quotes on Diggory Venn together and hope to cobble something together by late this evening.

Meanwhile here’s a final shot from Wednesday’s trip to Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, one of my favorite ducks, a male Northern Pintail.

male Northern Pintail

2 thoughts on “Northern Pintail”

  1. Maybe the fact that I wore brown Corduroy jackets with leather elbow patches for most of my earlier years as a teacher explains my love for this little guy, kjm.

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