Ridgefield Raptors

I haven’t had lunch with my old teaching friends so I drove down to Vancouver on Wednesday. Although the morning was quite foggy, when I finally left lunch about 1:30 it was beautiful, so I headed out to Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.

One of the photographers I met said things had really been hopping in the morning and the clouds had burned off their before they had in Vancouver. He was right, there wasn’t too much going on and I certainly didn’t get any pictures that I haven’t gotten before.

Still, I’m always pleased when I manage to get a picture of a kestrel:


And I think this might be the best shot I’ve managed to get of an immature Red-Tailed Hawk:

Red-Tailed Hawk

4 thoughts on “Ridgefield Raptors”

  1. after showing off your photos to my wife, i noticed the brown/red images on the red tail’s feathers look like hawks in flight. amazing.kjm

  2. i love the way that some bird markings seem to “accelerate” or spread apart as they move further from the front of the body to the back. alternately, how they appear to cluster as they move from the back to the front. the photograph of the red-tailed hawk is so beautiful loren!

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