Pt. Defiance Dahlias

As I guessed a couple days ago, the Dahlias were beautiful at the Pt Defiance Gardens today, though a few still haven’t started to bloom because of the cool, wet summer. Those that were in bloom seemed to have taken center stage, though, because they roses generally seem past their prime.

Though they’re not necessarily my favorite, the pom-pom dahlias stood out today, particularly this delicate white and purple one,

White With Purple Pom-Poom Dahlia

this pink one,

Pink Pom-Pome Dahlia

and this yellow and gold one, which probably wouldn’t be classified as a pom-pom, but I’m sure not enough of an expert to tell you which variety it is.

Yellow-Orange Dahlia

Luckily, all I have to do is admire their beauty.

As I said, many of the roses seemed past their prime, but there are still enough new ones emerging

Yellow-Orange Rose

all the time that it’s still well worth your while to take a stroll through the garden, particularly on a sunny day like today.

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  1. Have just looked at the photographs of dahlias and the rose – beautiful – particularly so as we have had over and inch of rain today and two more inches forecast overnight. Also very cold. Your photographs cheered me up no end,.

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