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  1. Cedar Waxwing

    Drunk on sour cherries, the harlequin of birds
    Lurches through the branches and lisps in bleared content,
    While a Temperance Union Catbird shrieks her words
    In a scathing, scolding lecture he’s too happy to resent.
    William H. Matchett

    I came across this while throwing away some old school papers last night. Quite a coincidence. I hadn’t seen it for 15 years. It made me appreciate your photo more, the waxwing soley in his world without the intermediary comment on human society.
    I really enjoy your photographs.

  2. I think I actually remember that poem, though I doubt I actually knew what a Cedar Waxwing was at that point in life.

    I have one of his books that I wanted to re-read because somehow my review of his poem “Water Ouzel” got lost in updating my site to a new blogger form.

  3. Spectacular photo, as always, and it instantly made me nostalgic. I once successfully raised a baby Cedar Waxwing (brought in one day by my cat) and was totally enamored of it (though I did finally part with it at an arboretum, where it was eventually released in the wild). It was such a smart and affectionate creature – making me think of that charming Margaret Sanger book “That Quail, Robert” wherein a wild Quail becomes a true member of the family. “Pretty Bird” was its name – one of my happiest experiences learning wildlife rehabilitation.

  4. How did you manage to catch him so perfectly posed with a berry in his beak? (And such a lurid berry too!) I love the way the feathers around his neck are so beautifully sleek that they catch the light.

  5. I am sad today because our orphan cedar waxwing who we have raised for a month I think has finally left, he has been gone now for 5 hours the longest stretch where we haven’t at least heard him. I hope he will be fine and can find food on his own as he was very attached to us, he would sit on my head or shoulder and still ask for food, that is why I worry.
    Be free and safe, little bird.

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