A Walk in the Garden

Most of today was quite cloudy and after nearly three hours of strenuous exercise I don’t think I would have been up to a serious walk today, so I spent an hour this afternoon at the Point Defiance Rose Garden once the sun broke out from behind the clouds.

As usual, I devoted most of my time to everything but the roses. I don’t know what this flower is but there were several of them in the bed by the front gate. Somehow it has a “wild” look to it that appeals to me, a little like fireweed, though more delicate than that:

Unidentified flower

Of course, there’s certainly nothing delicate about these lilies,

Orange Lily

much less these Tiger Lilies many which were at least seven feet tall and the size of my fist,

Tiger Lily

and this florescent red rose seemed to call me from a hundred yards away.

Red Rose

Ain’t it grand Beauty takes so many different forms?

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Garden”

  1. Hi Loren. I missed seeing your photos while I was without an internet connection. Your photographs are on ongoing delight. So much Beauty shared.

  2. Nothing compares the beauty that is from the nature. And your camera definitely enhances the beauty of it.

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