Angel’s Rest

Although the view of the Columbia River from Angel’s Rest is legendary, the haze from California fires obscured it, forcing me to focus instead on Angel’s Rest itself. As a result, I focused my lens on the immediate beauty of this promontory,

Angel's Rest

rugged cliffs,

Climbers descending

twisted trees clinging,

Twisted Tree on Cliff

real-life bonsai,

bright splashes of color sheltered from shredding winds by rock slabs.

Yellow and White Daisies

3 thoughts on “Angel’s Rest”

  1. Magnificent photos!!I have been going through some very dark times since April dealing with my 23 year old sons medical issues.I have gotten into Holistic Healing,Zen literature and so forth.Trying to look outside the box and focus on the positives we have in life.Photography is starting to be an outlet of mine.Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. I’ve had more than my share of health issues, mostly cancer related in the last 7 or 8 years, Deb, and getting out in nature has been my response.

    My photography is my way of sharing that joy I get with others.

    Good luck with your son’s health issues.

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