A Short Winter Break

We’ve had some bizarre weather here in the Pacific Northwest, suddenly reverting to winter with snow showers and freezing temperatures. While it’s not unusual to get snow in the Cascades this late, I’ve encountered snow showers in July up there, this is the lasted recorded date for snow here on Puget Sound.

Needless, to say, I haven’t gotten out birding since April 12th, and, unless it warms up considerably, I won’t get out again to Saturday when I volunteered to help the Tacoma Audubon society.

What’s most frustrating, though, is the short sunny breaks between snow showers or rain showers. Heck, we were able to get considerable yard work done yesterday.

When I looked out the front this afternoon, I noticed that the tulips were as brilliant as I’ve ever seen them, sun breaking through the clouds as if to remind us that it is, after all, Spring. However, by the time I get gather my photo equipment together, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds. I figured that if I waited awhile I should still be able to get a good shot, and, sure enough, fifteen minutes later the sun broke through again:

Gold and Red Tulip

I even managed to get a shot of the neighbor’s bleeding heart, a personal favorite:

Bleeding Heart