Back to Belfair

Sunday was one of those days I’d have probably ended up staying home if we hadn’t had guests who we wanted to take to Theler Wetlands in Belfair. In fact, snowflakes were in the air on our way there, and dark clouds obscured the sunlight.

Still, good company usually trumps poor weather, especially if it never really rains on you. And even if the weather didn’t make for great photographs, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Heck, we were greeted at the entrance by this Audubon Warbler, a bird I’ve never managed to see before. Of course, the light level was so low and this guy was so flitty that I never did manage to get a clear shot of him, but I was so happy to just see one that it’s hard to get too disappointed by the lack of photos.

Audubon Warbler

Even the flower shots turned out rather drab, but I was still thrilled to greet the first Trillium of the year:


Though I haven’t felt like doing much more than walking Skye today, I’ve enjoyed the warmth of the sun shining through the window most of the day.

Spring has Sprung. Can Summer be far behind?