Mini “vacation”

This was a tough weekend for me. Late Friday I came down with what appeared to be the flu that was not prevented by this year’s flu vaccine. It just blew me away. I didn’t do anything but sleep for three days. Several times it occurred to me that I should probably go the hospital. When I finally got in to see my doctor on Monday, he said I probably should have done exactly that.

X-rays revealed that I’m suffering from pneumonia. The doctor was concerned enough that he made an appointment for me Tuesday morning to make sure that I was getting better. Since I’m home typing this, I must be making some positive progress, but that seems like a real relative term.

Anyway, I’m sure not going to be out and about shooting pictures this week. And at the moment i just don’t feel well enough to read poetry, so postings may be rare this week.

UPDATE 3/27/08

I managed to take Skye on his twenty minute walk today in very brisk weather, though we walked a little slower than usual. I managed to read 60+ pages of poetry and write a little commentary. Though I’ll be on medicine for nearly two more weeks, I think I’m well on my way to recovery.

Thank you for all your good wishes, here and at Facebook. I thought by closing comments I might avoid that, but will admit that it still made me feel good to get all those good wishes.