Sunday Worship

I usually don’t go to Nisqually on the weekend, but with a long-range forecast of rain and more rain, Leslie and I spent Sunday’s three hours of sunshine birdwatching. If the birds are any indication, Spring is near. We saw the greatest variety of birds I’ve seen since last fall.

My favorite part of the trip was the return of the tree swallows who joined us often on our five mile walk. Unfortunately they’re so fast that I’ve yet to capture a decent shot of them in flight. I’ve had to save that for larger, slower birds, like this Red-Tailed Hawk that buzzed us several times, obviously enjoying the sunshine as much as we were.

Red-Tailed Hawk Overhead

There were too many varieties of birds to include all of them, but here’s a favorite shot of some Lesser Yellowlegs running along McCallister Creek.

Lesser Yellowlegs Running

The media hit of the day, though, had to be the baby Great Horned Owl

Baby Great Horned Owl

and his mommy who stood guard on the opposite side of the nest:

Great  Horned Owl