Finally, a Break in the Clouds

When the sun came out yesterday I, and lots of other folks, headed for Point Defiance where the highlight of the day was the fuchsia garden.

Unfortunately, with so many people walking through the garden the hummingbirds refused to stop to sip from the numerous flowers, leaving nearly as quickly as they entered the garden.

However, this White Crowned Sparrow wasn’t nearly as shy, posing repeatedly.

White Crowned Sparrow

It would have been nice if it had been a little quieter, but it’s hard to resent those who’ve gathered to celebrate some of summer’s most beautiful flowers, like this fuchsia appropriately named Santa Bells:

Fuchsia.Santa Bells

And it wasn’t people alone that were out and about, as the bees and butterflies seem suddenly reminded that Fall is not far away.

Small butterfly

Of course, neither I nor the bees totally abandoned the dahlias

Pruple Dahlia

for the fuchsias